Ezekiels Wheel


May 20, 2022

1 SAMUEL 26:1-28:25 – Saul’s Tearful Words
God could have cared a less about Saul’s Fake “tearful” words because God saw that he was STILL pursuing David!  FOR NO REASON other than his own jealousy/envy over a man’s calling HE WOULD NEVER HAVE! Saul had had his chance and he thought he knew more than God so God replaced him! 
And losing opportunities is hard to accept to a heart to begins to reflect on the SHOULDA/WOULDA/COULDA’S without remorse! So its all about the heart in how we approach God and His kingdom!  MANY will come to Him in the last days saying “LORD LORD, and it’ll be too late then- and even now, sometimes our rebellion can cost us HUGE opportunities of serving Him which means we also have negated the blessings that would have come with those callings. 
Because God is NOT building YOUR kingdom- HE IS BUILDING HIS OWN! And we make our plans without considering His thinking God will just agree and come on board without considering that we are setting ourselves up for tremendous disappointment because our plans did not match kingdom!  
In Saul’s case- God did give him another opportunity to repent but the Kings heart was simply too hard. 
David- won a great victory over Saul but then went to make some immature/foolish decisions himself because he was in the learning process (like many of the pure hearted warriors today) of learning to ONLY SAY/PRAY what they hear their Father saying! 
David had gotten discouraged and hence he stopped serving God and started thinking about survival because he had gotten fatigued! In this day/time- we will lose the battle if we try to engage the enemy ourselves and ONLY GOD knows what weapons are being used, WHO ARE TRULY part of His heart/forces and whose just pretending/lying themselves about their service.  
God is exposing all the pretense/hypocrisy in all 7 mountains, on the INTL/FED/STATE/CITY/COUNTY/PERSONAL levels and He is showing the true sheep who they can go to war with!  But only if they listen! Because ultimately- God wants to be the first person on our list so that He helps us to win because there are A LOT of evil hearts out there that refuse to get honest with themselves that THEY are in WRONG standing with the Lord- and that they TRULY do not know Him/or His ways! 

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